About Us

Hi hi, we are AriesseirA (Aries-Say-Ra) #TheFirstWasTheSun. A family owned and run lifestyle gift idea boutique business out of sunny San Diego, CA. Established in February 2018. 

WE'RE BACK!!! For our returning customers, WELCOME BACK! You were and are always appreciated. To our new customers, Welcome and thank you all. We hope you love the new look, what we are offering, and what's to come in the future.

How we got started.

This idea came from shopping with my teen nieces at a major cosmetic retailer, and department store and not understanding the "Why" the cost of a 3 shade highlighter palette was the way it was. Shopping for new makeup, tools, etc, was my and my nieces bonding time when I visited San Diego. While living in LA, I started researching the cosmetic industry. Brought it up to my nieces about the idea of starting a cosmetic brand with them in mind; small batch, high quality at low cost, and here we are. They loved the idea, and obviously ALL the free swag while testing the lab samples and providing their feedback. We started with offering customizable magnetic eye shadow palettes, offering 36 shades and colors, which grew to offering 120 colors a year later. Due to the Pandemic, we ended up closing shop and pivoting to our other passion, gifts, and accessories.

Kindest Regards,