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Tsaa Sampler Set

Tsaa Sampler Set

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7 - .5oz by weight packs. Each pack makes 3-5 - 8oz cups of tea/infusion. 

• 1tsp / 8oz cup of hot water.

• Steap to your desired intensity. 

• No fillers.

•• 1 pack of Thirsty / (Best served chilled with a sweetener.) Like juice. Add some lemonade for the taste of zesty summer fun. (Not Caffeinated)

•• 1 pack of Defense / (Starting to feel like you coming down with something. Drink this for some soothing.) (Not Caffeinated)

•• 1 pack of Triple Threat / For a little daily immunity boost. Yummy with equal parts orange juice and served cold. (Not Caffeinated)

•• 1 pack of Don't Be Chai / Try this coconut cream and honey. This will be your cooler nights fav.

•• 1 pack of Passionate / The candied pineapple and Candied Papaya, just takes this to another level.

•• 1 pack of Nights Like This / (Not being biased but, our Families favorite. The beautiful dance between floral, fruity, and yet lightly grounded.

•• 1 pack of Gunpowder / Enjoy a more full bodied Green Tea? Then forget about those green tea packets. These can be steeped 2-3 times.



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