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Gemini Zodiac Mini Crystal Pack

Gemini Zodiac Mini Crystal Pack

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About this product
Gemini Zodiac Mini Stone Pack: clear quartz+
citrine. Front cover of box features the Gemini
constellation and stones included. Inner cover
describes crystal properties and the back cover
describes zodiac sign attributes. The mini size
makes it perfect for impulse buys and gifts.


Includes 2 mini stone packs consisting of:

- 1 Gift Box
-1 natural clear quartz point
-1 citrine (polished)

Size: 2.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"

This product is the perfect stocking stuffer,
Easter basket stuffer, birthday gift, or party

Gift | Wellness | Crystal Collection
Holistic | Recycle-friendly | Crystals for
Beginners | Zodiac | Gemini | Air Sign

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